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    AC Axial Fans

    Product description:
    AC motor powered axial fan series covers a diameter range of models from 80mm to 200mm. with maximum air volume up to 700 m3/h and maximum static pressure up to 500 Pa. This series of axial fans has DC and EC available. Input power sources for AC series are 115VAC 230VAC and 380VAC; This AC fan series has a compact structure, operates reliably and is both energy saving and efficient. It is designed with low noise, a long service life, and is easy to install. The product series is RoHS compliant and is also certified according to many quality management accreditation systems and has gained various accreditations such as UL TUV and VDE. Every product undergoes rigorous testing to achieve minimum noise under high airflow and air pressure conditions. Ruiapple own fan motors meet strict reliability requirements. - further improving product reliability and service life.

    Data Sheet