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  • DC Backward Curved Centrifugal

    Product description:
    This is automotive grade product and already using in Auto industry. The most powerful, slient small DC fans with backward-curved blades and covers a diameter range of models from φ100mm to φ120mm, height 25mm. With maximum air volume up to 113 m3/h and maximum static pressure up to 196 Pa with low noise, no extra electromagnetic noise. High air flow and pressure excellent for air purifier, car air conditioner and any application need quiet. DC motors come with a variety of control solutions and protection functions.It is easier to control the fan and flexibly meet customers’ control requirements such as Pwm, Vlotage.

    Data Sheet
    Detailed Parameters
    Model No. & Category
    Model No. RA-DCC10025
    Product Types Centrifugal Fan
    Product Types Brushless DC Motor

    Basic Parameters
    Model: Voltage  (V) Current  (A) Power(W) Speed(RPM) Pressure (Pa) Air Flow(m³/h) Air Flow(CFM) Noise  (dB)
    12L 12 0.12 1.44 2000 55 52.33 30.8 32
    12M 12 0.17 2.04 3000 82 65.41 38.5 43
    12H 12 0.60 7.20 4000 163 91.58 53.9 50
    24L 24 0.07 1.68 2000 55 52.33 30.8 32
    24M 24 0.10 2.40 3000 82 65.41 38.5 43
    24H 24 0.30 7.20 4000 163 91.58 53.9 50

    Product Information
    Bearing Type Ball OR Sleeve
    Impeller and Fram PBT PLASTIC
    Approvals UL CE CCC
    Speed Control PWM VSP Temperature Control Fix Speed with Pressure Intermittent
    Protected Lock Auto-start Overload
    Out Signal FG RD LD
    Insulation Class B
    Insulation Resistance 10MΩ/500V DC
    Dielectric Strength 2Min/500V AC/5mA
    Insulation Class F
    Relative Humidity 20%-85%
    Working Temperature -10℃/+60℃
    Max Life 8000 hours