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  • EC Axial Fans

    Product description:
    This RA-EC17251 fan design delivers the combined benefits of AC and DC Fans. Its has same size like series Dc fan. The EC fan's power comes from a brushless DC motor but it offers the control that AC induction fans have over the fan rotor through a printed circuit board. The Ec fan are Widely-used in any place which can not provide DC or same size AC products doesnt has enough performance. The product series is RoHS compliant and is also certified according to many quality management accreditation systems and has gained various accreditations such as UL TUV and VDE. Every model undergoes rigorous testing to achieve minimum noise under high airflow and air pressure conditions. All models are meet strict reliability requirements.

    Data Sheet
    Detailed Parameters
    Model No. & Category
    Model No. RA-EC17251
    Product Types Axial Fan
    Product Types EC Motor

    Basic Parameters
    Model: Voltage  (V) Current  (A) Power(W) Speed(RPM) Pressure (Pa) Air Flow(m³/h) Air Flow(CFM) Noise  (dB)
    220M 220 0.17 37.4 2900 160 395.65 233 60
    220H 220 0.26 57.2 3400 223 470.23 277 63

    Product Information
    Bearing Type Ball OR Sleeve
    Impeller and Fram PBT PLASTIC
    Approvals UL CE CCC
    Speed Control PWM VSP Temperature Control Fix Speed with Pressure Intermittent
    Protected Lock Auto-start Overload
    Out Signal FG RD LD
    Insulation Class B
    Insulation Resistance 10MΩ/500V DC
    Dielectric Strength 2Min/500V AC/5mA
    Insulation Class F
    Relative Humidity 20%-85%
    Working Temperature -10℃/+60℃
    Max Life 80000 hours